May. 1st, 2012

puchuupoet: (hg: smile)
How is it May first already? This does mean four more weeks until finals (both yay and nay, but then finally break time).

I keep starting entries and then never finishing them, usually because my brain goes "omg I know the perfect gif for this/wait, I have to find the fic chunk I keep meaning to post/oh hey cookies/etc." and it never goes anywhere past the untitled notepad doc.

Related, I've been spending some time over at Unfuck Your Habitat, and slowly integrating bits into my life. One of which is not aiming for perfection, but rather being satisfied accomplishing tasks in smaller steps (avoiding the alternatives of just not starting it or working at it forever).

So hopefully this month I'll actually post more, and get back into the swing of the internet. And then maybe after finals are over, I'll finally be able to watch season seven of Supernatural lol (yay for still being mostly spoiler-free though)

(I've missed you fandom ♥)

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