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I'm not one for signal boosting, but Chase Bank is doing the Mission: Small Business competition this month and an amazing local pet shop near me is in the running. They didn't find out about the competition until it was half way over, so I've been trying to do what I can to help them out. They just need another 124 votes to move on to the next round (and you can vote for as many small businesses as you want).

They are an awesome little mom and pop store, who breed their own reptiles (as well as do some rescue), prefer education to sales (as far as making sure the animals end up in the right situations), and have always been incredibly helpful and welcoming to me. (And in case you're anti- or wary of pet stores, this is a family who have been able to turn their love/hobby into a business, rather than those people who are in it for the money).

If you click on this link:
Mission: Small Business, then search for: "Trop-Aquarium Pet Shop" (and vote!)

(I want to be more eloquent and go into better, deeper reasons they should be supported, but I've gotten six hours of sleep in the past 32 hours, so I'm starting to crash and burn. If you have any questions, feel free to ask).
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